The Southern African Dog Breeders Association (SADBA) is a
registry body of pedigreed dogs established in 1989. We
recognise national and international achievements. SADBA is very
breeder friendly and depend on the breeder to provide the registry
office with accurate information. If the information is questionable, the
SADBA office will in turn issue the breeder with a letter to rectify their
breeding pattern. If however, this has not been adhered to, the registry
office will not register the said dogs from this particular breeder, and
will state so in writing to the said breeder. 

It is the breeders themselves who opt to maintain the kennel names.
These names are checked on the SADBA database and if no duplicate
is found a kennel certificate is then issued. This is a once off payment.

The registration of pups is R40.00. Transfer per adult dog is
R80.00. There are also four generation certificates available for dogs at the
cost of R140.00 and R180.00 for a six generation certificate, (applies
to Pit Bull Terriers only). 

SADBA recognises achievements and the imported status of dogs, that
is why different colour certificates are issued. 

To be a breeder would be very easy as long as the adult
breeding dogs are in good health, which means when she comes
on heat, do not use her too much. It is advisible to skip
the first heat and let only have pups once a year. 

Please note we service only litter(Pups) registration
dor adult dogs you must post off the original registration.

For further information contact us